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State Appoved Dealer License Training Classes are held in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, St. Joseph, Cape Girardeau, and Independence. Questions? Call us at 816-390-2267 or 800-369-2467

Missouri Dealer License Training Podcast

Monday-Oct 11

Stoney Creek Hotel
(Next to Bass Pro)
18011 Bass Pro Drive
Independence, Missouri 64055
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St. Louis
Tuesday-Oct 12

Hilton Garden Inn Airport
(I-70 & North Hanley)
4450 Evans Place
St. Louis, Missouri 63134
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Friday-Sept 24

Holiday Inn and Suites
(I-44 and Glenstone Ave)
2720 North Glenstone Ave
Springfield, Missouri 65803
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Saturday-Sept 25

Stoney Creek Hotel
(Just South of Mizzou)
2601 South Providence Rd
Columbia , Missouri 65203
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Dealer Videos
Are Available
Before Class

Find out what it will be
like to operate your MO
dealership before you have
your license. Dealer License
Videos are availlable now.

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Cape Girardeau

Holiday Inn Express
(Behind Olive Garden)
3253 William St
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
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St. Joseph
To Be Announced

Holiday Inn Express
(I-29 and 169 North)
3600 North Village Dr
St. Joseph, Missouri 64506
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Kansas City
To Be Announced

Hampton Inn Airport
(I-29 and 112th Street)
11212 N Newark Cir
Kansas City, MO 64153
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To Be Announced

Holiday Inn Express
(I-49/US 71 and Main)
12801 South 71 Highway
Grandview, Missouri 64030
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Your State mandated dealer license classes are held in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Independence, St. Joseph, and Cape Girardeau.

Please visit for the full class schedule

We are a State approved Missouri Dealer License Training provider. After your training you will be confident and ready to start your Missouri dealers lot.

Questions? Call us at 816-390-2267 or 800-369-2467. We are here to help you gain your Missouri Dealer License.

For complete information about obtaining a Missouri Dealers License, please visit

How do you obtain a MO Dealers License? Just follow the easy steps below.

Dealer License Class

You must take a 4 hour dealer license class in order to obtain your license. We have been giving profitable pre-license dealer classes for the Missouri Department of Revenue since 2007. Visit to find a convenient dealer class near you.

Instructor was very, very knowledgeable. This class has helped me know the law and the do's & don't's. I now see why this dealer class is so recommended.
Don Ehie, Speedy Auto Sales-Florissant, Missouri

Missouri Dealer Background Check

You must pass a quick, painless background check to ensure the Department of Revenue that you have never stole a car or robbed a bank. You can do this step in 5  minutes on you computer and it only costs 12 dollars. We will show you how to conduct your background check in your Missouri dealer class.

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Very informative dealer class. Organized and easy to understand. Stephan Segura-St. Louis, Missouri

Missouri Secretary of State Filing

You will need to file paperwork with the Missouri Secretary of State's office to show the State you are operating a dealership in Missouri. This can also be done in about 5 minutes at your computer. We will give you more information on this process in your dealer license training class. Sign up now!

Great course to learn forms and legal requirements.
Frederick Stuckey-Portland, Missouri

Dealer Building & Lot

You must have a building and a lot in order to obtain a dealers license in Missouri. The State of Missouri has one of easiest lot requirements in the country. You just need to make sure you meet all local zoning requirements. (Some counties have not zoning requirements). We will discuss your building an lot requirements when you take your state mandated dealer training.

Great speaker. I wish I had his energy.
Justin Lake-Jefferson City, Missouri

Sign & Photographs

You must have a sign on the front of your business building with dealership name in at least 6 inch or larger letters. You must also take a picture of your dealer building, dealer lot, and the sign. We will discuss the sign and photographs with you when you take your dealer training. Sign up now!

Nice training session. Very informative.
Olakanmi Olagoke-Blue Springs, Missouri

Dealer Insurance

You will need a dealer insurance policy before you mail in your dealer license application to the State of Missouri. This type of insurance is quite technical in nature and is only offered by a handful of insurance agents throughout Missouri. We will explain dealer insurance in your class in great detail and give you exceptional advice on how to find the cheapest rates for you, the newly licensed Missouri motor vehicle dealer.

Very good, informative training.
Andrea Blake-Edina, Missouri

Dealer Surety Bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit

We will help you decide whether obtaining a Missouri Dealer Surety Bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit is best for your dealership. Our instructor can easily explain these requirements and show you where to obtain them. Sign up now!

Very informative dealer license class. Well presented.
Michael Little-Jefferson City, Missouri

Missouri Dealer Lot Inspection

Before you mail in your dealer license application, you will need to schedule a quick, easy, painless lot inspection by a local law enforcement officer. Only certain law enforcement officers are qualified by the Missouri Department of Revenue to conduct this very quick inspection. We will let you know exactly what law enforcement office to contact depending on where your dealership is located.

Cool dude. Explained everything extremely well.
Jerry Savage-St. Louis, Missouri

Open for Business!

When you gain your license you will be "Open for Business". The Missouri Department of Revenue will require you to be open a minimum of 4 days and a minimum of 20 hours per week. We will talk more about this requirement in your training.

Very educational and speedy dealer license class.
Mike Wilson-St. James, Missouri

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Call us at 816-390-2267 or 800-369-2467 to answer questions or sign up for the class by clicking here.

To find out more you can also call the Missouri Department of Revenue at 573-751-8343 or write to the Missouri Department of Revenue at:

Motor Vehicle Bureau
Dealer Licensing
301 West High Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Download Missouri Dealer Application
Missouri Dealer Handbook

In order to obtain a Missouri Dealer License, you will also be required to take a Missouri Dealer Educational Seminar. To find out exact Missouri Dealers License requirements, just go to for further Missouri Dealer License instructions.

Good Luck In Obtaining Your Missouri Dealer License!

We are here to help you maintain your Dealership Compliance!

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Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
Automobile Dealer Training Association