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I highly recommend this course. Very information if you are interested in starting your own business selling cars. The instructor walks you right through everything you nee to know and answers any questions accordingly.
Alison Cassano

Thank you for everything. Great course and training. Highly Recommended.
Cherrelle Jones

Fantastic course. Highly recommended to anyone interested in obtaining a dealers license.
Bryce Devore

Course was very informative and fast paced. I am very confident in the steps to take in order to receive my dealership license. Thank you.
Appollonia Cleaves

This course for dealers was a wealth of useful knowledge for my new business venture. It allows a prospective new dealers to be informed with the laws and knowledge. We need to be successful and compliant.
Antinia Chandler

This class for dealers was very informative, the teacher was awesome and made sure that we understood very clearly the rules and regulations that are required. I would highly recommend this training and wish there were more trainings available and he was a great teacher. Thanks again,
Deniece Overton

Outstanding training. I would recommend this course to everyone, who wants to start a care dealership.
Tom Gyeszat

Excellent course, very informing and helpful dealers class.
Alena Fuller

Great Course: Delus Does Great Explaining & Keeping Things Moving. A Lot of Info. Learned A lot About A Lot of Things That I Had No Idea About
Max Guillozet

Even being a prior dealer, this class has been very informative and had information I wasn’t even aware of. This class has provided a lot of great resources for dealers. Thank you.
Rebecca Parker

I love the course. It is very educative. I learned a lot about dealerships and buying of vehicles.
Okechukena Friday Ezeliora

This class was great for starting a dealership. I was able to find out a lot of new information & it was very helpful.
James Randolph

The teacher is awesome. He made me understand a whole lot of things. I am more equipped now than ever. He is awesome.
Lawrence Nwoyeocha

Excellent Course Coverage and Instruction
Lance Johnson

-Incredibly informative
-Speaker extremely knowledgeable
-I’m much more comfortable with moving forward to obtain dealer license
Mark Pellegrino

Anybody that is serious in obtaining a car dealership, it is a great idea to take this course. Very informative.
Ezzat Angart

Great high speed dealer training that’s very understandable. Feel very confident about starting my first business venture. Thank you!
Jeremy Reeder

Awesome presentation. Easy to follow and understand. For sure NOT a waste of time.
Steve Heidlebauch

Great Course! Good for anyone looking to broaden their knowledge on the car buying experience.
Clive Ennin

Very informative course for dealers. I appreciated how seemingly all bases were thoroughly covered in order to ensure not only compliance, but also ensure successful dealership operations.
Adrian Thompson

Very educative and I encourage every dealer to attend.
Richard Addo

Very concise and informative class. The instructor knew and presented the material very well and answered questions from the class.
Darryl Thomas
Dayton, Ohio

Great speaker, very informative. Course goes very fast. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable.
John Weyland

Trainer gave thorough explanation of information. Also, the manual given is going to be a great reference for everyday business. I feel confident that having this guidance will be successful. Thank you.
Katrina Hillard

Awesome teacher!
Kevin Moore

Enjoyed training class. Instructor was great. Recommend highly.
Edward White

Great information and helpful! Definitely I would recommend to everyone that is interested in becoming a dealer.
Mawiatou Diallo

I find the dealership training course to be very informative. It demonstrates a clear and straight forward way to adapt to the principles of law, while the same time adapt to good business principles for our customers. I do appreciate this course.
Dalton Patterson

Richard Cistone

Great Instructor. I have all the information I require to succeed as a used car dealer.
Bruce Williams

Class was very professional and detailed. I recommend this class for all new dealers.
Justin Pongtornwatechakom

Class was very informative. Presentation of materials were awesome and time efficient.
Tamea Hayward

I will definitely recommend this course to multiple people. The instructor does an outstanding job and you certainly leave knowledgeable and able to be fully compliant and make money.
Nathanael Nicolino

As a former boardroom level executive, I’ve experienced and prepared quite a few presentations. Form the demeanor of the presenter, Delus Johnson… he made what could have easily been enduring a long, dry dissemination of information lively and enjoyable. The attendee walks in clueless and leave with a handle on competency.
Loren Francis

5 stars across the board. Very, very thorough explanation on all topics involving getting a dealer license. The teacher was very patient and willing to answer all questions professionally the best he could.
Josh Hamilton

Well spoken and clarified questions that I had prior to dealer course. Timely presentations with informative powerpoint. Took time to answer all questions.
James Orlando

This class was very helpful. I recommend this class to anyone opening a used car lot or that has been in the car lot business for a long time. I know there is a lot of used car lot dealers that should take this class. The instructor was very helpful. Great Class!!!
Osama Iwas

The training was well delivered and very informative. I believe that running my dealership will be much easier due to the education and remaining compliant will be easier as well.
Jeffery Sanfillio Jr

Very in depth with all points of what is need to get a dealership started, would highly recommend.
Janelle Durham

Excellent training class. Covered everything needed to know about opening a new pre-owned dealership.
William Reilly

I was very impressed with how you were able to answer all questions with understanding. Thank you for all your time.
Tina Rideout

Great Course! Even after being in sales for 30 plus years.
Ralph Broyles

Good training, very good speaker, learned a lot, I will recommend to all my friends when they want to become a dealer.
Najib El Habash

The teacher was very right on, it was a very moving training course learned a lot from this. And would tell all my friends about who is looking to get involved in car business.
Morace Topaze Williams

Very informational. Great Speaker. Now ready to start our new business.
Amanda Gaskill

Amazing Class. Very well informed and up to date on laws and regulations.
Gregory T Colvin

Very, very helpful. Very glad I had to take the training. Host did a great job of letting us know every to do in business right.
Jim Gerrick

Great Training, No Time Wasted!! Very easy to follow along and understand.
Morad Fares

Very Excellent Presentation, Concise!!!
John Hersh

Very well taught course. Very clear instructions & step by step instructions that will make getting a dealer license easier.
Jamel Jabr

Very informative course. Instructor explained all concepts in depth. Answered all important questions anybody had. Checklist in the end was very helpful.
Zaid Odetallah
Lakewood, OH

Gave me confidence in starting a new journey. Would recommend 100%
Nick Barton

Very informative and I’m leaving confidence I think I’ll need to be successful in used car business.
Michael Cunningham

Great information, presented in a manner that was easy to follow.
Richard Edwards

Delus was knowledgeable, entertaining and made the training go by quickly. Thank you.
Stephan Charault

Helpful and useful. Would recommend regardless.
Shane Beers

I think this class was very resourceful, great instructor, learned a lot of very important small details that can save me a lot of money. Would I recommend? Yes!
Delores Arrington

The class was really helpful. I think I am ready to run a car lot now.
Mark Parker

Great job presenting. Kept up your end of training, go us out on time. Thank you.
Greg Young

Great class, important info, well needed.
Jerry Exon

1} Great management of time and extremely thorough
2} Great speaker and energetic
3} Training manual is key to help navigate decisions
Robert Myers

Very professional and informative, would highly recommend class to anyone looking to obtain a dealers license
Richard Tinsley

Fast paced, Very informative. A great head start on opening a used car dealership.
Don Gatliff

Teacher/Instructor has excellent communication skills. Very passionate about teaching & keeping the class on the right track. I also fee that he gave the confidence we need to succeed. Thank you very much it definitely a class I highly recommend. I learned a lot today. Thank you very much.
Mack Adams

Fantastic Job. Did an amazing job presenting the information on all topics.
Jared Kortsen

Excellent Course. Been in car business for 6+ years & still learned a lot.
Jason Albertini

Great information and excellent trainer! I loved this training. Great Job!!
Cindy Felix

This was a great course. I learned a lot of important things that I will need to know when conducting business.
Peter D Ealum

(Perfect Course)
Karis Franklin

-The class was very informative
-Very knowledgeable instructor
DaRell Amara

Excellent Teaching Very easy to follow along. The instructor made everything understandable.
Anthony Miller

Great overview of the step by step toward legitimate automotive vehicle business. A lot of regulation but course simplified it for me as a new dealer applicant. Thank you Delus!
Randall Harow

The class showed me a lot of useful information about staring and achieving my goal. Was the best training I had to learn about a car dealership and running my business from the ground up.
Khiry Pierce

The course was extremely informative. Every aspect of the business was taught. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, well versed, and pleasant. Everything taught was needed. The course time was good for materials presented.
Laveta Steele

The training was great! I learned important information to jump start my business. The instructor did a really good job!
Lula Gordon

Course was great value
A must before you open your dealership
Great Information
Henry Diorio

Very informative, Good Job. Everything was explained in detail. Enjoyed this learning experience.
Jonathon Diorio
Uniontown, OH

Very well speaker
Covered everything
Answered all questions with honesty
Cody Bolyard

Learned everything, and then some, to open & run my motorcycle dealership! Thank you,
Daniel Alexander

Very informative, cleared up a lot of unanswered questions.
Seth Orr

Excellent Training Course
Gwen Stutler

He explained everything well enough for a teenager to be able to operate a dealership.
Matthew Lamont Jones

Very informative. Covered all areas of selling motor vehicles.
Ross Davis

Very informative. Instructor extremely well-versed & knowledgeable.
Tina Wyatt

I believe this course offers so much knowledge and information that it will definitely help me run my car lot.
Yezan al-Khasawneh

Great class I learned so much about my new business venture. Very personable speaker, very informed and knowledgeable. I would take another class that he teaches in the future.
Mark Perrucci

Wow what a great amount of info, save yourself a life of hard knocks from someone who knows the ropes,
Thanks for this info Alan

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