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Illinois Dealer License

Illinois Dealers Licenses are granted by the Illinois Secretary of State Dealer Licensing Section in Springfield, Illinois. To find out how to obtain an Illinois Dealer License play the video or read the Illinois Dealers License information below.

Dealer License Podcast

To find out how to get an Illinois Dealer License, you can call the Illinois Secretary of State Dealer Licensing Section at 217-782-7817 or follow the step by step Illinois Dealers License instuctions below. Learn more about dealer profits and Federal compliance issues in the ADTA Dealer Ethics, Profit, and Compliance Manual.

Illinois Dealer License Requirements

Order or Download Illinois Dealer License Application

The very first step in obtaining your Illinois Dealer License is to obtain an Illinois Dealer License application. You can call 217-782-7817 to order an Illinois Dealer License Application or download your Illinois Dealer Application here.

Illnois Dealer License Class Requirements

The Illinois Secretary of State Dealer Licensing Section requires any used automobile dealer that is applying for an Illinois Dealer License for the first time after November 1, 2009 to attend an eight hour Illinois dealer class provided by the Illnois Secretary of State's Office. Contact Nicky Jett at 217-524-6141 to schedule your Illinois dealer class. You will be required to attend the one time IL dealer license class before you are granted an Illinois Dealers License.

IL Dealer Place of Business Requirements

To obtain an Illinois Dealer License you must have an official place of business. You must have a permenant business building or a trailer with its tires and wheels removed. You must have a lighted area so you have a safe and visible enviroment. You must have proper business office equipment such as a fax, a copy machine, and a lockable file cabinet to store your required documents. You may operate a motor vehicle related business from this business location but the focus of the building should be the operation of motor vehicles. You may not have two Illinois Dealers Licenses at the same location, you must have a separate address for each Illinois Dealer License. The gross revenue of any business located in the building may not be greater than 50 percent of the dealership income.

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Phone Requirement

The Illinois Secretary of State requires you to have a working telephone in your business building before you are issued an IL Dealers License. The Secretary of State wants to make sure your customers can contact you when nessacary. Your phone must be listed in your dealership name

Illinois Dealer Display Lot Requirements

You must have a display lot in order to obtain an Illinois Dealer License. Your display lot must be a hard surface and must be separate from any other business. If you sell new and used vehicles you must separate the new vehicles from the used vehicles. You may have an indoor lot instead of an outdoor lot as long as it is properly lighted.

Illinois Dealers Sign Requrements

The Illinois Secretary of State office requires you to have a permanent business sign that is lighted and visible from the nearest roadway. Your dealership name must also be prominently displayed on your front door along with your hours of operation. Your customers must know how to contact you about a vehicle they are interested in or if they have questions regarding a vehicle they have purchased from you.

IL Dealer Hours of Operation

The Illinois Secretary of State requires Illinois motor vehicle dealers to staff there dealership a minimum of 5 days a week. Each day you are open you must be open a minimum of 4 hours. You may choose to be closed for certain months of the year. You must include the months that you wish to be closed on your Illnois Deaer License Application and display the months you are closed prominently on your building.

Display of Federal Documents

You must comply and display all required Federal Documents. Learn about Federal compliance requirements in the ADTA Dealer Ethics, Profit, and Compliance Manual.

Illnois Annual Test Drive Report

Anyone with an Illinois Dealer License is required to file an annual report with the names and addresses of each person that has test driven a motor vehicle for more than 3 days.

Illnois Dealer License Insurance Requirement

Before you are granted an Illinois Dealers License you must show the Illinois Secretary of State that you have a dealer garage insurance policy. A dealer garage policy will protect your customers when they are test driving your motor vehicles. You must have a minimum of $100,000 bodily injury for each person, $300,000 for two or more persons, and $50,000 personal property damage. You dealer insurance policy must not expire before December 31 of the year you are licensed or you may have your IL Dealer License suspended or revoked. You may obtain your Illnois dealer insurance by clicking here.

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Illinois Dealer Surety Bond

You must have a $20,000 Illinois Dealer Surety Bond in effect before you get your Illinois Dealer License. An Illinois Dealer Surety Bond protects customers against fraudulent dealers. If you operate your dealership with the highest ethical standards you will never have to cash in your Illinois Dealer Surety bond. You bond prices will be dependent on your credit scores. Good credit scores will have lower bond pricing and low credit scores will lead to higher bond prices.

Illinois Dealer Background Check

You will be required to pass an Illinois Background Check before the Illnois Secretary of State issues your dealer license. The State of Illinois wants to make sure they are not licenseing any known felons or anyone that has commited automotive type crimes such as odometer tampering or auto theft. Contact any of the following companies to conduct your Illnois Dealer background check.

You Accurate Biometrics
4849 N. Milwaukee, Ste. 101
Chicago, IL 60630

Futures in Rehab Management, Inc.
206 S. Sixth St.
Springfield, IL 62701

Trace Identify Services
222 Vollmer Rd., Ste. AC
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Integrated Biometric Technology
1650 Wabash Ave., Ste. D
Springfield, IL 62704

Big River Investigations
4 Quail Ridge
Pittsfield, IL 62363

Illnois Dealer Inspection

Before you obtain your Illinois Dealer License you must have your location inspected by a representative of the IL Secretary of State office. They want to make sure you have met your physical business location requirements. Just call 217-782-7871 to assist you in scheduling your location inspection.

Mail Illinois Dealer License Application Packet

When you have completed the Illinois Dealer License steps above call 217-782-7817 to find out your exact license fees and to make sure you have all the required documentation so you can obtain your Illinois Dealer License as quickly as possible. Mail your Illinois Dealer Application, proof of insurance, Illinois dealer bond, any franchise agreements of applicable, articles of incorporation if applicable, notice of proper zoning or business license, if you have a repair shop include the waste generator number issued by Illinois Enviromental Protection Agency, background check information, and correct fees to:

Illinois Secretary of State
Dealer/Remitter Licensing Section
501 S. Second St. Rm. 069
Springfield, IL 62756-7000

Illinois Dealer Forms

ADTA Dealer Ethics, Profit, and Complance Manual
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Illinois Dealer Licensing Requirements
Illinois Dealer Consignment Requirements
Illinois Dealer Laws
Offsite Sale Permit Application
Illinois Dealer Renewal Application
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Keep your Illinois Dealer License for many years by staying compliant with the many Federal laws Illinois Dealers are required to follow. Order your ADTA Dealer Ethics, Profit, and Compliance Manual here.

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