Live Dealer Webinar
Friday-June 6
10:00AM Eastern
9:00AM Central
7:00AM Pacific

Lead Instructor Delus Johnson
will be conducting a live dealer
training webinar to answer your
dealer license questions
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Live Dealer Training Webinar

The Automobile Dealer Training Association's Live Dealer Training Webinar will walk you through the steps that are needed in order to obtain your motor vehicle dealer license.

The live webinar is hosted by the Automobile Dealer Training Association's Lead Instructor Delus Johnson.

Representative Johnson has trained over 10,000 dealers all over the United States in a classroom environment. Mr. Johnson has owned & operated a profitable dealership and authored profit & compliance manuals for motor vehicle dealers in several States.

Mr. Johnson served in the Missouri House of Representatives for several years and was elected by his colleagues to lead as the House Whip. He also chaired the Government Efficiency committee, served on several business committees, and stopped several anti-dealer bills. Mr. Johnson knows successful dealers are some of the largest sales tax generators in every state, a fact every elected official needs to be aware of.

Mr. Johnson is also a retired Fire Department Captain that served 20 years on a full time fire truck while operating his first dealership.


We are here to help you maintain your Dealership Compliance!

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Delus Johnson-Lead Instructor
Automobile Dealer Training Association